Get Amazon Prime Video Free Trial for 30 Days for free

Get Amazon Prime Video Free Trial for 30 Days

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Get Amazon Prime Video Free Trial for 30 Days

Amazon Prime is the premium subscription of the Amazon which offers free delivery along with 1 to 2 days rapid delivery. Not only you can get these features for shopping on Amazon, but with this subscription, you can also so get the Amazon Prime video (just like Netflix) exclusive premium subscription. Amazon Prime is basically the premium version of the basic service by Amazon which various other features which includes an extra discount or early access in the flash sales.

Get Amazon Prime Video Free Trial for 30 Days


In the case of Amazon prime videos, they offer several exclusive movies and TV series which can be streamed directly into any devices. Amazon Prime offers 30 days of free trial before you can buy any package. Amazon Prime offers two packages, the first one is you can start with $10.99 for a month. In case you are interested in a larger package, then you should go for the one-year package of prime for $99 per year. All the payments water packages need to be made by online payment feature or credit and debit cards.

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Benefits of Amazon Prime:

These are the key benefits of the Amazon Prime subscription. Read the benefits carefully in case you are interested in availing Amazon Prime subscription.

  • Same day or one-day shipping guarantee. Amazon offers faster shipping and delivery for the Prime users, you will get the same day all one-day delivery option for selected items on the Amazon shopping website. This benefit is only available for a few eligible zip codes and areas.
  • Amazon Prime subscription offers Prime membership sharing feature, with the help of this feature you can share your prime benefits with up to 4 peoples living on the same address as yours. This is probably the best option for the family benefit on Amazon Prime.
  • By using you can Prime Music Unlimited for free. And with few add-on packages you can stream HBO, Amazon Channels, Twitch etc.
  • If you are Student you can avail 6 Months Trial using Amazon Prime Video Student Discount Offer.
  • While streaming movies and TV series on Amazon prime videos, annoying ads will be removed on the Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon Prime video is one of the top competitors against Netflix and Hulu. Various exclusive videos are also available on Amazon prime videos.
Get Amazon Prime Video Free Trial for 30 Days for free
Get Amazon Prime Video Free Trial for 30 Days for free


Steps to Avail Amazon Prime Subscription:

Use these following steps to avail prime membership of Amazon.

  1. Firstly go to Amazon Prime video website by Clicking Here.
  2. You will get to see two packages along with 30 days trial period.
  3. Click on the trial period option on the website.
  4. On the next page, you either need to create an Amazon account. In case you are already having an account, then you just need to log into Amazon account.
  5. Give your card details and you will be able to use Prime features, and after 30 days Amazon will deduct 99$ from your account and start 1-year prime membership.
amazon prime payment method
amazon prime payment method

How to Get Amazon Prime Student Discount?

Amazon Prime student discount will help users to get premium services for affordable prices. Amazon is the biggest retail store on the internet. They have taken the world with a storm through their services. The ecosystem has immense potential. Amazon is always expanding the options they offer to their customers. Prime membership is a must for people who love to shop online. The Amazon Prime experience is to give you more satisfaction. Students need amazon for various utilities, entertainment, and books.

Get Amazon Prime video free trial STUDENT DISCOUNT?

The process of signing up for the student discount is relatively straightforward. Anyone who is enrolled in a college right now can enjoy this discount. You will end up spending very little for a long time. The student discount will tremendously help you in reducing the overall cost of shopping. It is a great option to have in an economy that is declining. Many students are facing problems with maintaining their finances. The student discount will help make the situation a little better. Here are the steps you need to follow to sign up for the Prime deals.

Steps To Follow free trial amazon prime

  • Users need to start the Amazon website on their computer browsers. You can visit the site from a laptop, desktop, or mobile phone. It works amazingly on all platforms. Users can alternatively click on the following link – Amazon Student Offer. It will take you to the official Prime student subscription page.
  • Click on the start trial button on the home page. You will find it on the top right corner of the site. Students can get free two day deliveries on all their college essentials. The six-month free trial brings you with the help of a partnership deal.
  • Once you start the trial, you will need to sign in to the Amazon website. Enter the email address and password that connects your account to the platform.
  • Users who do not have an Amazon account need to create a new one. It is crucial to register an account to avail of the benefits of Amazon Prime student discount. You need to enter minor details like email, phone number, name, and create a password. Once you have verified your new account, the process can continue.
  • You need to make sure that you have university details available with you. Amazon needs to verify that you are studying in a college. They will collect some minor personal information. The automatic verification process usually takes a few minutes.
  • Making online payments is crucial for users who want to sign up for the discount. The plan will activate after six months, but you need to provide payment details upfront. Enter the payment details so you can start the free trial. It will work out quite well for students in the long run.


We have collected the complete data about the Amazon prime and provided them in this article for you. We have researched on the official website as well as from the various Amazon Prime users. We have listed the key benefits of using by Amazon Prime Video and provided them in this article. Share this useful information with others so that they can also opt for Amazon Prime membership.

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