Netflix Alternatives Of Netflix

Netflix Alternative: Top 10 Alternatives Of Netflix

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Whenever it comes to the best media streaming website, Netflix is always considered to be the best in the game. But in different circumstances, you might need to know the best Netflix Alternative websites, if so, this article will turn out to be really handy to you.

Netflix Alternative Of Netflix
Netflix Alternatives Of Netflix

Netflix is the world’s biggest media streaming website and perhaps, it has the biggest collection of TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Every latest movie, TV show or anything popular is updated on Netflix as soon as it is released.

Moreover, Netflix is supported by smartphones,  smart TV, game console, Windows computer, Mac, tablet and probably every device that has an Internet connection. So there is no doubt being Netflix the best streaming service across the world.

But there might be situations when Netflix is not being supported in your country, however, it has been rolled out in most of the countries in the recent past but if your country is still out of the Netflix supported countries list or Netflix doesn’t offer the content you are looking for.

In such situations, knowing about the alternatives to Netflix is the best thing you can do to yourself. So here we go with the list of top 10 alternatives to Netflix to choose from. Let’s go ahead!

Top 10 Netflix Alternative Websites

Below are our picks for the top 10 best Netflix Alternative which you can consider in 2019!

1). Amazon Instant Video


Amazon Instant Video is the biggest Netflix Alternative, Perhaps it has more content to offer you than the Netflix itself. From almost every TV show to virtually all the movies, Amazon Instant Video has the biggest collection of the Online content to offer in HD quality.

Besides that, Amazon Instant Video has a big collection of exclusive content originally owned by Amazon including a number of TV shows and movies which are extremely popular among the users.

The movies and TV shows offered on AIV are of the extremely high quality that makes it one of the most preferred media streaming service across. Apart from this, the cost of being an Amazon Instant Video user is pretty decent!

You no need to be a subscriber of AIV to watch your favorite movie, instead, you can just pick your favorite content and purchase it by paying the asked amount as per your suitability!

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2). Hulu


Hulu is the next Netflix Alternative which truly deserves a mention. The Hulu is one of the biggest media streaming websites and the biggest competitor to Netflix in the US.

Hulu offers the original high-quality media content and provides instant access to live and on demand channels. The Hulu is not just a Netflix alternative but a big competitor to Netflix which is even preferred over Netflix by some of the users.

Initially, Hulu was meant to offer the collection of all the popular and evergreen movie and TV shows but in the recent past, Hulu has been expanded in terms of services and offers live news, entertainment, and sports.

Like Amazon Instant Video, Hulu also offers some of its originally owned contents including The Handmaid’s Tale, The Mindy Project, The Path, comedy series Casual along with the upcomingFuture Man and The Looming Tower.

If you are a new user to Hulu, you will be provided with one-month free trial offers to know if Hulu fulfill your media streaming needs or you need to try out other options!

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3). Vudu


Vudu, a Walmart organization which is introduced in the year 2004 is our next pick as the Netflix Alternative. A Vudu is a yet another media streaming website to rent, buy and watch movies online.

Vudu is certainly making the best Netflix Alternative not just because of the content quality and the competitive price but also due to the well-organized website and easy navigation options.

It offers a great collection of movies in HD quality like the other top media streaming website but differs in the concept of subscription. Where most of the popular media streaming website works on the monthly or yearly subscription basis, Vudu doesn’t follow the same approach.

To watch your favorite movies or TV shows on Vudu, you need to buy or rent them by paying the amount mentioned on the website. And the best part is, you can buy your content from Vudu on the best price and can get the best current deal by going to the DEAL section located on the top on Vudu official websites.

4). iTunes


If you are an Apple fan and loves using Apple products, perhaps you will Love iTunes too. I know you might be wondering that how iTunes makes a Netflix Alternative, but trust me, it indeed does.

Till date, we all know iTunes as the music oriented Apple product but in the recent past, it has been upgraded to provide the movies and TV shows as well. Now you can buy your favorite movies and TV series from iTunes or can rent them as per your suitability.

Like Vudu, iTunes also doesn’t offer the one-month or one-year subscription and offers movies and TV shows on the purchase basis. That’s why iTunes is loved by those who are not keen movie watcher and watch movies occasionally instead!

So from now on, don’t consider iTunes just for music but for movies and TV shows. If by chance, buying media content on iTunes seems costly to you, move further to know about the free Netflix Alternative.

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5). Youtube


The next Netflix Alternative we have in the list is Youtube. Do I need to explain anything about Youtube that how it’s one of the biggest online media giants?

The Netflix is most famous for the offering of the latest release movies, TV shows, documentaries etc. So any website which offers the same content as Netflix can be called Netflix Alternative, right?

Youtube is one such website which doesn’t only provide music videos or short length videos but it’s a full fledged media streaming website which offers almost every content which is offered by any other big media streaming website including Netflix.

There are all the movie teasers, some of the full-length movies of almost every genre and the TV shows that you can prefer watching on other streaming websites.

But even If it lacks in content as compared to Netflix, using Youtube as Netflix alternative is still pretty fair deal as Youtube is completely free to use unlike most of the services mentioned.

6). Crackle


If you are looking for a Netflix Alternative that is FREE and offers almost the similar content to Netflix, Crackle is probably the one for you! There are almost all the TV shows and movies available on Crackle that you can find on Netflix.

However, crackle do shows commercial ads but it’s not a bad deal if you are getting access to all the content free of cost!

Crackle is no less than to any other top premium streaming service in any manner. Crackle has a big library of all the popular TV shows, movies regardless of the categories and some Originals exclusively available on crackle.

Action, comedy, thriller or drama, you can find contents from all the categories on Crackle, all just for free! Another plus that makes Crackle one of the leading Netflix alternatives is the number of supported devices.

Crackle is available on nearly all the device including Android, Roku, iPhone, Xbox, smart TVs, tablets etc!

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7). Popcorn Flix


Popcornflix is yet another Netflix Alternative for those who are short on budget and looking for some free alternatives.

Popcorn has a huge collection of full-length HD movies, documentaries, Tv shows and some original web series, specifically owned by the Popcornflix that is a true pleasure to watch for the movie lovers.

Besides that, the best thing which makes Popcornflix one of the great Netflix Alternative is the website structure.

Popcornflix is a well organized online media streaming website where movies from all the genres including Action, Comedy, Horror, Drama, Documentaries, Romance, Family etc are available that too in a well-structured manner.

Apart from this, there are several other sections on the website like All movies, New Arrivals, Most Popular, Thriller, Family/Kids, Documentary / Short, and Sci-Fi to choose from which makes discovering the best content on PopcornFlix total fun and seamless.

8). Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime is yet another Netflix Alternatives which has a great deal of content to offer to its users. If you are a big movie and TV shows enthusiasts and loves watching them as soon as they are released, certainly Amazon Prime will be loved by you!

Many people confuse the Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime as the same service but they are completely different to each other in terms of content and the pricing approach.

You can watch nearly all the third party content on Amazon Prime including all the latest and evergreen movies of all genres, all the TV shows, documents and various Amazon originals which are highly appreciated by the users.

The best part of Amazon is the best quality of contents it offers, whether it’s Tv shows or movies, All the contents offered by Amazon prime are in HD quality.

To watch the Amazon prime contents on your mobile, computer or smart TV, you need to subscribe to the Amazon Prime and be its paid user by paying only Rs 499/ year as soon as the free trial of 7 days ends!

9). Acorn.TV


If you love British shows, you will also love Acron.Tv. best Alternatives of netflix having a big collection of British television shows and reasonable subscription price, Acorn TV streams world-class mysteries, dramas, and comedies from Britain and beyond.

Acron.Tv is updated quite frequently with your favorite series and can be used for about a week as a free trial period. After trying Acron Tv of a week, if you find it worth going for, you can be its subscriber by just paying a  $4.99 a month.

Acron Tv has a large content library to browse from and offers quality content. The best feature of Acron which you don’t always see in other media streaming website is the schedule of the Tv shows and movies.

There is an option SCHEDULE On the top of the website which informs you about the upcoming shows on Acron TV. Besides that, Acron Tv is available on most of the smart devices including Roku, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, iPhone, iPad, web and etc.

Overall, Acron Tv is also an option to consider if you are in no mood to continue with Netflix anymore!

10). SnagFilms


Last but not the least, the next Netflix Alternative we have is SnagFilms. It’s not perhaps the best Netflix alternative but it indeed offers great contents in terms of movies and TV shows which you might love watching!

SnagFilms is an absolutely free to use online media streaming website which doesn’t ask you to pay a penny for watching your favorite movies or TV shows.

The website is extremely well structured and very well categorized in different categories on the home page itself. Snagfilms offers a free collection of over 10, 000 movies to choose from.

Besides that, there are is a big library of TV shows categorized in different genres which you can get access to by going to the Shows option on the top of the home page!

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So, these are the top 10 alternatives to Netflix. There is no doubt about Netflix being the most reliable and the best streaming service across but you never know when you require knowing about the Netflix alternatives?

Apart from the above mentioned Netflix Alternative, there are several other services which claim to be the best streaming website and try to keep up with the top media streaming website but they are still not as good as the once we have mentioned.

We hope now you don’t need to compromise with your favorite movies or TV shows if Netflix is down at your end or it’s not yet supported in your country. There are always these Netflix Alternative media streaming services available which you can choose from.

For any doubts, queries or suggestions, you can drop us a comment below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. keep visiting for more celebrity news@

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